5 Key Tips to Speak English Fluently

5 Key Tips to Speak English Fluently






5 Key Tips to Speak English Fluently

Speak a lot

No matter your English level, just talk! When learning a language (as well as other skills) perfectionism is sometimes an obstacle. FLUENCY IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN ACCURACY

Read a lot

Start with very basic fairy tale stories.Gradually moving to simple novels and newspapers. Reading will help you gain insight into how to draft sentences in any langauge and enhance your vocabulary.

Build your vocabulary

Make a habit of learning new words daily. Keep your notes handy and revisit the words whenever you have free time.

Watch English Contents

Start with simple cartoons and then gradually advance to Series and Movies. You might want to use subtitles at first and then gradually removing the subtitles off!

Write Whatever You Like

Pick up the editorial section of any newspaper (in English), choose a topic from there and pen down your opinion. A good idea is to make someone read it. Ask them to highlight the weak points in your write up.

publish time: 2020-09-11
Lisa Anderson

Here are some practical and useful tips for how a non-native English speaker to become fluent in talking with English. This diagram is made in EdrawMax and you can now modify it to add more details.

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