Call Center Data Flow Model
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Call Center Data Flow Model

Data Flow Model - Call Center Running Communication App

Web Server

Edraw eCommunications

Order Fulfillment Application

Phone Number Mgt System

Edraw Field Service

Edraw EIM

ERP Database

Phone Number Database

Edraw Database

Order Fulfillment Status

Customer Orders

Inventory Updates

Real-time Dispatch Requests

Customer info

Requests and Updates

Nightly Customer info Update

Phone Number Requests

Customer info

Requests and Updates

Inventory Master

Customer Infomation Master

Phone Numner Master

publish time: 2020-09-11

There is an example of a data flow model, which shows a call center running the application called Edraw eCommunications. The company maintains the ERP database and the phone number database separately from the Edraw database. As you can see, all the customer information is stored in the Edraw Database. This example simplifies your creation of the data flow model and you can try to make one with EdrawMax.

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