Virtual Idea Board
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Virtual Idea Board


To Do



Create a new application

Revamp our web pages to rank higher on Google

Create new marketing materials

Do we need to move to a new location?

Can we have longer lunch break?

Test paid ad performance

Train employees (every Tuesday)

Fix network system

Hire more sales reps

Run usability tests

Upgrade software for sales team

Find a new sales methodology

Deliver new sales methodology book to each sales rep

Idea Board

publish time: 2020-09-14
Lisa Anderson

This virtual idea board example can help your brainstorming sessions flourish long after they're over. Use the idea board to gather ideas, concepts, or visuals from your team during a meeting. After the meeting, everyone can see what has been talking about and what they will do in the next period. You can now modify the idea board chart example in your EdrawMax and customize it to fit your needs.

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