How to Improve Your Focus
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How to Improve Your Focus

Gradual Increase

Think of your mind like a muscle. Start with the lowest amount of time you can focus. Then increase your work/focus time gradually. Build up to it 30, 60 minutes.


There is no better way to practice concentration than meditation. You learn to deal with distractions and train your mind to focus on one thing. And your attention span will increase.

Consistent Environment

Find a place where you are comfortable the most. It could your work-place, home, library. Find your fit. That’s where you should practice building your focus.

Remove Distractions

It’s not about being so focused that you can work through a hurricane. You can’t mind focus if you have twenty distractions. Make it easy for your mind. Put earplugs, turn off notifications, whatever it takes.

Release Stress

You can’t get into that flow state when you are in a flight or fight mode. Find ways to relieve your stress. It could be exercise, meditation, therapy, etc.

Power Naps

A 20-minute nap in the afternoon can do wonders for your energy levels and focus. There is a fear of falling asleep. But if you master it, it will pay-off.

How to Improve Your Focus

Train Your Brain to Stay Focused







Eat Right

You can’t put junk into your body and expect it your brain to work efficiently. Have a consistent diet plan throughout the day. It will cure your cravings. And you will have a constant energy level throughout the day.

Allow Distractions

The more you try to lock your brain the more it will resist. Have periods during the day where no focus is required. Scribble, take a stroll, think. Whatever your mind wants.

Reward System

You have to change your brain’s neural pathways. You have to rewire it to value delayed gratification. Put a reward after your every session of focus. It could be scrolling on your phone, walk, music, etc.

Develop a Routine

We are creatures of habit. It’s very hard to get focused if you work at different times every day. Your brain won’t know when to relax and when to stay focused.





publish time: 2020-09-15
Lisa Anderson

When you try to find effective ways to improve your focus or want to try your brain to stay focused, look at these 10 important tips, and start to practice at once. You can download or duplicate this example in your EdrawMax and modify it to fit your need.

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