10 Ugly Truths of Life
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10 Ugly Truths of Life

The Struggle for Power is

Central to the Human Experience


Man is a Wolf To Another Man


Hard Work Doesn’t Always

Lead to Success


If You Take a Risk, People Will

Call You a God If You Succeed

& a Fool If You Don’t


10 Ugly Truths of Life

I’m by no means downplaying education, it’s invaluable, but just pointing out the common narrative that going to school and working hard doesn’t always mean you’re going to be successful.

Risk requires you to kick the door down and play outside the box with no rules; most people don’t get this. Don’t listen to the masses if you want to accomplish anything.

Power and the pursuit of acquiring it are central to the human condition. Gaining power with grace is an art form. Learn it.

People are not always nice. Everything seems innocent till you start peeling back the layers. There are very very few people in this world that are truly selfless and want nothing in return.

In Relationships, Women Make

The Rules


Society Is Mostly Made Up of Followers, Not Leaders


Equality Doesn’t Exist and Never

Will In a Pure Form


Money & Happiness Are More Closely Related Than You Imagine


Different people are treated differently by the legal system given their position in life. Few will agree with this but it is how it is. Life isn’t equal, it’s a struggle to survive.

While money in and of itself does not contribute to the satisfaction or even happiness, it is a very critical factor in one’s overall quality of life.

Women have to be much more strategic in their choice of partner and controlling their partner’s behavior so that they can have the best life together.

It’s easy to follow when someone else is making the hard decisions. You usually have to stir the pot pretty hard if you’re leading and deal with the backlash from your choices.

Choice is an Illusion


You’re Not Going to Change the World


You may think you are acting of free will but the reality is that a large many of the decisions you make that will determine your life path have already been made for you either by the environment you were born into, the people closest to you, or the culture surrounding you.

However, the ugly truth of life is that the vast majority of these people will not amount to much. Most may not even start, the remainder will fail and fall to the wayside and just a minuscule slice of people may succeed. Success unfortunately is really really hard to come by.

publish time: 2020-09-15
Lisa Anderson

Here are 10 things about the less rosy side of life, some of which are pretty easy to come by, while others have resulted from being faced down and getting dragged through the dirt by life. Hope these tips help you figure out what the truth of your life actually is.

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