How Can I Become a Data Scientist
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How Can I Become a Data Scientist

How Can I Become a Data Scientist?

Math: Math Track of Khan Academy; Linear Algebra by MIT OpenCourseware

Stats: Intro to Statistics by Udacity; OpenIntro Statistics

Computer Science Fundamentals > Grasp end-to-end development > Choose a first language > Learn interactively

A database is used to store data and is going to be stored in MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.

Data munging is the process of converting the format of data; create and study the visual representation of data; put the analysis and results into a comprehensible report.

Get good at math and stats

Learn to code

Understand database

Master data munging, visualization and reporting





When you start operating with data at the scale of web, the fundamental approach and process of analysis must change.

Join in the competitions and meet fellow data scientists.

Enter the real-life jungle of data-analysis and science with your freshly acquired skill set

site to follow: DataTau, Kdnuggets, fivethirtyeight, datascience101 abd r-bloggers

People to follow: Hilary Mason, David Smith, Nate Silver and dj patil

Level up with big data

Practice and meet fellow

Internship, bootcamp or get a job

Follow and engage with the community





publish time: 2020-09-15
Lisa Anderson

Here is a diagram example that shows you some steps to become a data scientist. You can now create such a diagram with EdrawMax, or customize the example to fit your needs.

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