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Animal Cell Diagram

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Published on 2020-09-15
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In biology, a cell is a membrane-bound unit that contains the basic molecules of life and is made up of which all living entities are made up. A plasma membrane surrounds a cell, forming a selective barrier that permits nutrients to enter while preventing waste materials from leaving.

1. What is Animal Cell

Animal cells can be as little as a few microns or as large as a few centimeters. The ostrich egg is the largest known animal cell, measuring about 5.1 inches wide and weighing around 1.4 kg. This is in sharp contrast to the human neuron, which is only 100 microns in diameter.

Animal cells come in a variety of shapes, with some being flat, oval, or rod-shaped. Curved, spherical, concave, and rectangular shapes are among the more fascinating shapes. The majority of the cells are tiny and only visible under a microscope.

2. The Structure of Animal Cell

An animal cell is smaller than a plant cell. Another distinguishing feature is its uneven shape. The lack of a cell wall is the reason behind this. However, because both animal and plant cells arose from eukaryotic cells, they share other cellular organelles.

1) Cell Membrane:
The cell is surrounded by a thin semipermeable membrane layer of protein and fats. Its main function is to shield the cell from the environment. It also regulates the flow of nutrients and other microscopic entities into and out of the cell.

2) Centrosome:
It's a tiny organelle with a thick center and radiating tubules that are found near the nucleus. Microtubules are formed in the centrosomes.

3) Lysosome:
They are circular organelles with a membrane surrounding them that contain digestive enzymes that aid in digestion, excretion, and cell.

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