Business Process Cycle
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Business Process Cycle

Business Process Cycle

Market Analysis

  • Understand the domain where you want to enter
  • Understand market's need
  • Do several survey to learn about market
  • Understand your target audience

Factors Affect Product

Development Cycle


Lead Generation


Environmental Factors


Product Launch

Sales & Marketing

  • Make a list of internal factors affecting the business model
  • Make a list of external factors affecting the business model
  • Understand the technologicl aspects of the business
  • Understand the business aspects of the product
  • Start working on the Wireframes
  • Share mockup designs
  • Start core development
  • Work on Advance development
  • Do internal testing
  • Launch Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get funding
  • Work on Market Ready Product (MRP)
  • Establish brand and launch MRP
  • Explain development and business cycle to sales & marketing team
  • Create content as per the product
  • Generate leads from cold calling/cold emails/direct referrals
  • Give launch discounts to get feedback

MVP & MRP Launch

publish time: 2020-09-15

Business process management is how a company operates the predictable processes that impact its productivity and efficiency. With this business process cycle, you can manage the customers' behavior easily.

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