Logical vs Physical Data Flow Diagram
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Logical vs Physical Data Flow Diagram


Look for required item

Pricing Module

Check out item prices

Calculate the final price of the item

Settle transaction and release the invoice



Item passed on the sales executive with Barcode scanner

Item detail (price, expiry date)

Calculate the final cost of the product

Collect money either via cash or card and dispatch payment receipt

Price Module

Create a temporary transaction file for computing item details and subtotals


Items to purchase from the retail shop

Product ID

Price Information

Item and confirmed/latest price

Amount to be paid by the buyer


Issued Receipt

Items produced at the Checkout counter

Bar Code Scanner

UPC Code

Item and confirmed/latest price

Unique Item and Updated price

Items and prices

Items, Prices, and Subtotal

Amount to be paid by the buyer

Payment made via Credit Card, Debit Card, or Cash

Issued Receipt

Logical Data Flow Diagram

Physical Data Flow Diagram

publish time: 2020-09-15

Logical and physical data flow diagrams are the two classifications of data flow diagrams. Physical data flow diagrams illustrate how a system will be implemented. It is depicted in the manner to ensure the organization's goals are met. They smooth the manual processes and present them in a structured format for effective communication.

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