Double Alkali Method Process
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Double Alkali Method Process

Limestone Flour

Smoke Abatement Pipe


Circulation Pump

Discharge Pump

Mud Pump

Mixing Pool

Mud Pie

Screw Pump

Lime Slurry Pump

Digestion Tank

Flour Storage Tank

Sodium Carbonate Dissolution Tank

Sodium Carbonate & Water Feeding Pump

Regenerated Liquid Absorption Tank

Regenerated Liquid Absorption Pump

Smoke Abatement Pipe

Absorption Tower

Double Alkali Method Process

Process Water

Plate Filter Press

publish time: 2020-09-15

The double alkali process remedies some of these deficiencies and generally comprises scrubbing the sulfur oxide-containing gas with an alkali. This PFD shows the process of double Alkali . Download EdrawMax and start creating PID diagrams.

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