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Business Model Architecture

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Published on 2020-09-15
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Enterprise architecture is a framework for the study, preparation, and execution of corporate business operations. Each provides a number of standards and procedures across the business process to drive enterprise. Enterprise architecture is one such concept introducing the whole business structure. An enterprise consists of many things, such as people, processes, technology, information, etc. These parts are somewhat interconnected to achieve the business objectives. 

1. What is Business Architecture Model

The Capstera business architecture model is a simple yet effective technique to obtain a comprehensive understanding of what business architecture is and how it manifests. The business architecture model's objective is not to overwhelm, but to assist in plotting a course and determining which components and parts are critical to the corporate business architecture journey. The key users of a business architecture model are a group of business architects, enterprise architects, and data architects.

2. Business Model VS. Business Architecture Model

A business architecture model is not the same as a business model (or a business model canvas). A business model describes client segmentation, goods, value propositions, revenue streams, and other aspects of how a company lives and thrives. A business architecture model is a conceptual representation of how business architecture components work together to create a unified and coherent vision of an organization. Each model is valuable and complementing, but they are not interchangeable.

3. Tips about the Business Architecture Model

1) Strategic Context: The basic purpose for the company's existence, as well as its strategic blueprint.

2) Business Context: The total enterprise knowledge that is rel
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