Sequence chart
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Sequence chart

Go to one ecommerce platform to look for the product that you really want to buy. Search the ecommerce based upon the rating and feedback from the users.

Look for the product that you were looking for on the ecommerce platform. Look for the reviews form previous buyers.

If everything seems in correct order, go ahead and register yourself on that portal to add the product in your cart.

Make the online or offline payment, depending upon your preference to get the product.

Go to your cart and review your product as well as the delivery address.

Make your entire profile by putting down your delivery address, mobile number, email address, and other.

How to buy a product from an e-commerce portal?

publish time: 2020-09-16
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A creatively designed sequence chart with impressive graphics is far more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing at the same time rather than the other sequence chart that looks more like a detailed list of steps arranged one after the other.

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