Success criteria checklist
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Success criteria checklist





Success Criteria Checklist

End-User Satisfaction

The foremost priority in any business model is the satisfaction of the end-user as all the work that has been done by any organization is to please the end-user only.

Team Satisfaction

A succesful team is as effective as its team. A well-satisfied team can perform all the tasks without any delays or excuses.

Stockholder Satisfaction

Any company is as strong as it employees and stockholders. When the stockholders are satisfied with the outcome then they will invest more in the company, resulting an overall growth.

Reocurring Business

For any company's growth, the reocurring business is as important as their employees. When a customer will come twice, it means they are bringing business. Resulting in growth from all the sectors.

publish time: 2020-09-16
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A checklist is a list of things that you can verify, inspect or examine processes and procedures. Checklists are used from construction inspections to complicated surgical surgeries.

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