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Ishikawa Diagram Template

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2020-09-25
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When you want to use the 6M method in the study or work, you can draw an Ishikawa diagram that looks like a fishbone, and then add these 6 elements into branches, which are Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement, Mother Nature. The Ishikawa Diagram (also known as a fishbone diagram) is a visual representation of cause and effect. Its well-organized, visual form might aid in the brainstorming of potential causes for a problem.

1. What is Ishikawa Diagram

When performing a fishbone analysis, teams collaborate to brainstorm and categorize factors that contribute to a problem. The use of a fishbone diagram template can aid in the identification of root problems rather than just symptoms. It's especially effective as a team-building exercise because it prompts teams to consider new, alternative causes.

2. The Benefits of Ishikawa Diagram

1) Concentrate on the cause:
Instead of simply describing the situation and mistaking secondary causes for the root cause, using a Fishbone Diagram template allows teams to get to the heart of why something is happening.

2) Help to brainstorm:
Many teams use a Fishbone Diagram as a starting point for a structured brainstorming exercise to generate a large number of potential root cause ideas.

3) Identify potentials:
A Fishbone Diagram is a visual representation of multiple causes that are ordered logically. All stakeholders can investigate and comprehend how they interact holistically.

3. How to Use or Create an Ishikawa Diagram

Using this simple online fishbone diagram template, you can create your own fishbone analysis. The template allows remote or distributed teams to collaborate in real-time with ease. Simply click on the template below, o
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