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ER diagram for Hotel Management System

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Published on 2020-10-12
This ER diagram represents the model of Hotel Management system Entity. It shows the entire visual instrument of database tables and relationship between rooms, payments, hotel, customers etc., It used structure data and to define the relationship between structured data groups of hotel management system functionalities. The main entities of the hotel management system are hotel, rooms, services, payments, booking and customers. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) or Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is a diagram that shows the relationship between entity sets contained in a database. In other words, ER diagrams aid in the explanation of database logical structure. Entities, attributes, and relationships are the three main notions that ER diagrams are built on. Rectangles are used to represent entities, ovals are used to describe characteristics, and diamond shapes are used to show relationships in ER Diagrams.
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ER diagram for Hotel Management System
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