Walky-Talky Without Using Inductor or Coil
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Walky-Talky Without Using Inductor or Coil

548371910IC12763517IC4+IC531232645IC278+++++14N38910N21312N1123N46547AERIALRSW1C1C2R2R6R3R5R7R8R10R9R14R11R12R13R15R16R18R17VR1R19VR2R20R1R4C3XT1XT2T2T1C4C5D1C7T3XT3C6C8C9C11C10C12C14C13C15C16C17LS1C18R21C19C20R22C21R23XT4C22C23R26R28R30C24C25R24R25R27R29R31C26T4MIC1C27C28+12V D.CTWalky-Talky Without Using Inductor or Coil
publish time: 2020-10-26
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The walkie-talkie on this site is the world's first verified walkie-talkie project, and does not require coils.Walky Talky is fun and can appeal to electronics enthusiasts.Communication can be accomplished without any physical connection, and the mobile network's uplink distance does not exceed 500 meters.Almost all communication devices use coils, which is a burden for electronics enthusiasts.Therefore, we do not use any coils in designing the circuit.

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