Market Development Business Matrix
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Market Development Business Matrix

ighMarket PenetrationDiversificationMarket DevelopmentProduct DevelopmentProduct DevelopmentThe first process is to research the right product for the market and then start the development process.DiversificationIt's always a best policy to not put all the eggs in one bucket. When working on a business model, the best process is diversification of all the resources.Market DevelopmentDeveloping the market is a slow process but if the product is good and customer's response is on the positive end of the spectrum then the growth is guaranteed.Market PenetrationOnce a business has a product, an understanding of the market, and have all the resources placed in the right place then the business can penetrate any market.Market Development Diagram01020304
publish time: 2020-10-26

Here is an example of business matrix for market development, from which it analyzes in 4 aspects, including market penetration, product development, market development and diversification.

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