Lean Chart Template
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Lean Chart Template

Corporate OfficeRequest firstlevel analysisCredit ValidationRequest ApprovalprocessCredit ApprovalSend electronicfile to branchFill outpaperworkPaperworkapprovalCreate customerprofileCreate electronicdocumentLoan contractsignatureSend electronicfile to corporate154820120324049002Local Branch300.52424133232401301.52Value Added time (min)Process Time (hr)Average cycle time (hr)Value Added time (min)Process Time (hr)Average cycle time (hr)Overall value streamTotal time in hoursValue added1.03Process Time2.00Average Cycle Time585.00Efficiency0.35%Total time in hoursValue added0.70Process Time0.00Average Cycle Time500Efficiency0.14%Total time in hoursValue added1.33Process Time2.00Average Cycle Time85Efficiency1.57%Lean Chart
publish time: 2020-11-30

Lean chart demonstrates systematic value addition to every step of the process to boost improvements. Lean value stream map template enables organizations to minimize downtime and augment additional value.

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