Value Stream Mapping Example Template
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Value Stream Mapping Example Template

Production ControlMaterial requirementsplanningSupplierCustomerToasting of bread1Total C/T = 90sApplication of tuna1Total C/T = 25sPackaging1Total C/T = 15sShippingDaily Schedule800 pcs612 pcs440 pcs288 pcs0.765 days25 s1 day90 sec0.55 days15 s0.36 daysPLT = 2.675 daysVA/T = 130 sPCE = 0.193 %Value Stream Mapping Examples
publish time: 2020-11-30

Value stream mapping examples denote the complete process involving processing information flow in an organization. The value stream mapping example template also involves other significant data and documents every process in the flowchart.

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