Value Stream Mapping Template
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Value Stream Mapping Template

SupplierProduction ControlResourcesCustomerProduction SupervisorInformationProduction control16CT = seconds batchuptime IGOProduction control4CT = seconds batchuptime IGOProduction control24CT = seconds batchuptime IGOProduction control10CT = seconds batchuptime IGOinventoryinventoryinventoryinventoryShipmentFrequencyFrequencyFrequencyFrequencyFrequencyKaizen burstShipmentFrequency20 days1 day1 day45 minutes120 mins20 mins20 days1 dayPLT - daysVA/T -PCE - %Electronic messsageElectronic messsageValue Stream Mapping Template
publish time: 2020-11-30

VSM lean maps are useful and powerful visual planning tools benefiting organizations to improve their work efficiency by identifying wastes. VSM lean templates involve diagrams that help in regulating the ideal workflow.

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