Process Map Template
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Process Map Template

Potential clientidentifiedAdd potential opportunity tospreadsheetGather informationfrom othersGo/don't GoFormDon't goRemove fromspreadsheetGoAwait RFPRFP recieved &distributed for reviewBegin ProposalProcessProposal StrategyMeeting assign taskCollect & incorporatedataSubmit draftfor reviewCollect & incorporatechangesPrint, bind, & DeliverInterview?YesInterview strategyMeetingInterview PreparationAttendInterviewAwarded?NoDebriefMark spreadsheet with lostNoYesMark spreadhseet with a winBegin Project SetupProcess Map Template
publish time: 2020-11-30

Process map template is highly effective in determining the steps to reach a particular outcome. A business process map template helps in analyzing your team’s performance and understanding processes to reach individual and corporate goals.

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