Software Service Cross-Functional Process
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Software Service Cross-Functional Process

CustomerSalesTechnical SupportTesterDevelopmentCustomer Request Help or Report ErrorsSales issue?Resolve the issue & respond to customerNew issue?Test the issueReprooduced the issueResolve solutionError ReportConfirm CustomerFinishedMore FeedbackConfirm with CustomerFinishedGet more details from CustomerResolve SolutionResolvedTechnical AnalysisFix the issueNoYesNoYesYesNoYesNoSoftware Service Cross-Functional Process
publish time: 2020-12-01

In a software firm a customer's request might be solvable by a salesman, or it might require the assistance of the technical support department. A simple request might show a bug in the software which the customer has purchased. This can result in a task that needs to be fulfilled by the development department.

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