Production Planning and Scheduling Flowchart

Production Planning and Scheduling Flowchart

Finance DepartmentMarketing Department/WarehouseQuality Management DepartmentManufacturing center/production workshopMarketing Department/Customer ServiceProduction Planning and Scheduling Management MethodsRelease C type production planDetermine the delivery dateCustomer orders, existing inventory, stock preparation planDevelop production scheduleproduct inspectionCommunicate with customersConfirm the product quantityStart-up inspection, patrol inspectionWarehousinginspectreturned purchasebeing sorted and repairedscrappedqualifiedWarehousingUnqualifiedSortingCommunicate with customersdeliveringmore or lessReceivablesproduce moreInspectingRepackingWarehousingcan be repairedscrappedRelease A&B type production planUrgent orderProduction according to the plan
publish time: 2020-12-04

This is a production planning and scheduling flowchart that is a picture of the separate steps of the separate steps of the process in sequential order.

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