VAT Declaration Flowchart

VAT Declaration Flowchart

StartGet basic dataJudge whether it is 0 declarationNoGet real-time data of taxpayersJudging the nature of taxSmall taxpayerGeneral taxpayerGenerate a main table, three attached tablescheck whether the data is incorrectcomplete attached tables completethe main tableAfter calculating the additional tax, the additional tax is halved and combined with the value-added taxGet real-time customer data from the tax bureauJudging the declaration statusDeclaredDeclared in the listUndeclaredSmall taxpayerGenerate a main table, three attached tablesJudging the nature of taxGeneral taxpayerGenerate a main table, three attached tablesThe declaration data are all 0After calculating the tax amount as 0, save the declaration form in the background a stamp duty return table?YesCalculate stamp duty and save the tableChoose a reduction policy and calculate the value-added taxGenerate a main table, three attached tablesaccording to the dataGenerate final VAT returnSave the tablesave the tableStatus:To be declaredNoYesImmediatelyGet basic data:The list shows the customers who need to declare VAT in the current period and their detailed informationDifferent types of tax returns:Small-scale taxpayers: one main form, one additional form, one exemption form, one additional tax return formGeneral taxpayer: one main form, three attached forms, one exemption form, one additional tax return formAdditional tax relief:After small-scale taxpayers enjoy the reduction and exemption policy, the tax amount can be reduced by half. General taxpayers can only want to have a corresponding reduction and exemption policy.ComparisonPass?NoYesstart to declareReturnRevise the datacomplete tablesRegenerate tablescheckAbnormal status?Nofind the reasonsYesadjustGet information from BankSuccessful paymentchange the statusproblem solvedfinishedGenerate a main table, three attached tablesVAT Declaration Flowchart
publish time: 2020-12-07

This is a VAT declaration flowchart. Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax that is levied on the price of a product or service at each stage of production, distribution, or sale to the end consumer. This flowchart visually shows the steps of VAT declaration.

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