Five Pillars of Islam
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Five Pillars of Islam






Five Pillars of Islam

Shahadah (Creed)

This creed summarizes the faith of a Muslim and is the only means to become one. The Shahadah serves as an invitation to prayer throughout the day.

Salat (Prayer)

The salat provides a very structured, formal, and regulated way to worship God.

Zakat (Charity)

Muslims are thereby commanded to take care of the social and economic well-being of their communities. It cannot be simply considered as an act of worship as it is a responsibility and a duty.

Sawm (Fasting on Ramadan)

During the month-long Ramadan, people abstain from food, drinks, tobacco, and sex from dawn until dusk, except for travelers, pregnant women, and the sick.

Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca)

This is a requirement for all adult Muslims and for those who are capable physically and financially.The hajj is to free humanity from hierarchy and disunity.

publish time: 2020-12-26
Reiyaa Plays

This diagram shows the five pillars of Islam, from which you can check details.

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