Salesperson Sales Process Flowchart
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Salesperson Sales Process Flowchart

CustomerSalesQuan lyCustomer evaluates solution and makes final decisionContact is made, customer is qualifiedDiscover and needs assessmentSolution presentationCustomer decides to buy?Nurture in drip campaignOrder fulfillment and coordinate solution implementationKick-off and implementationRelationship is maintained and enhancedCX review & NPS data gatheredCustomer renews?Defector study conductedNurture in drip campaignNoYesNoYesCustomer contacts company or is cold calledAgrees to take a sales meetingInvolves decision makers and stakeholders
publish time: 2021-01-04

This is an example of cross-functional vertical flowchart for showing the salesperson's sales process. From the perspectives of customers and salespeople, this flowchart illustrates the processes that will happen between them.

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