Strategy Training PEST Analysis
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Strategy Training PEST Analysis

Government provides $5600 subsidy towards the purchase of electric carsElectric vehicles are exempt from emissions taxGovernment policy is to have 50% of cars powered by petrol in 5 yearsPPoliticalThere is a lack of charging stations. This is a very slow changing.Batteries are unlikely to charge more quickly for the foreseable future.TTechnologicalMillennials want cleaner carsLow range of vehicles is off putting to consumersThere is a status associated with owning an electric carYou people strive to be environmental friendlySSociologicalInflation rate is slow but likely to rise soonImport duties are low for batteriesElectricity price is both inexpensive relative to other countries, and stableEEconomicPEST Analysis - Strategy Training from EPM
publish time: 2021-01-13

Here is an example of PEST analysis for strategy training from EPM. A political, economic, social, and technological (PEST) analysis is used by companies to determine what external factors can benefit or harm them. A PEST analysis is useful for identifying new business opportunities that you can take advantage of, and warning you of potential threats.

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