Hiring Process Flowchart
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Hiring Process Flowchart

Identify staffing needDefine and write up job descriptionSend personnel request from to HRDetermine classificationRegular hire?NoTemp hiring processYesPost job internallySuitable candidate?NoExamine existing resumes on fireSuitable candidate?NoDevelop recruitment strategyPlace adsGather resumesResume qualified?YesArrange meeting with candidateYesYesConduct preliminary interviewDevelop interview questionsConduct interviewReferences OK?NoRejectionNoYesSelect candidateDetermine pay rangeMake employment offerCandiadate accepts?YesHire candidateNoHring Process Flowchart
publish time: 2021-01-14

Here is a hiring process flowchart, which illustrates how HR recruits staff in a company. A flowchart is the visual representation of a sequence of steps that is widely used in a manufacturing process or computer program. It's very helpful in writing programs and facilitates communication between a computer programmers and business managers. People usually use it to understand the logic of complicated problems.

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