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Published on 2021-01-14
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Here is an example of human resources requirement flowchart. A flowchart is the visual representation of a sequence of steps that are widely used in a manufacturing process or computer program. It's very helpful in writing programs and facilitates communication between computer programmers and business managers. People usually use it to understand the logic of complicated problems.

1. What is a Flowchart

A flowchart is a depiction of a process in graphical or symbolic form. Each phase of the procedure is represented by symbols. A lot of flowcharts have short descriptions of each phase. The majority of individuals utilize arrows to connect distinct steps and to represent the flow of a process.

There are a few types of flowcharts that are widely used. Ovals, for example, symbolize the start or finish of a process, rectangles represent a procedure, diamonds represent a decision, and arrows reflect the sequence in which steps should be completed.

2. The Types of Flowchart

1) Workflow Diagram:
Recognize how data and documents flow within your company. A workflow diagram depicts how a business or process works. The processes required for a potential customer to renew a policy through a company website.

2) The Process Flowchart:
A process flowchart, also known as a process flow diagram, is the most adaptable of the four types of flowcharts since it can be used for almost anything. Process flow diagrams, also known as process mapping, may succinctly describe how something is done in your company. These flowcharts may employ a common language or notation, such as Business Process Modeling and Notation.

3) The Swimlane Flowchart: 
It depicts how different departments, processes, or employees interact with one another.<
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Flowchart Template
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