Goods Purchase Process Flowchart

Goods Purchase Process Flowchart

Grocery StoreWarehouseQuality AssurancePurchasingReceivingGoods are received at dockInspect goodsContents match order?Advise Supplier of RejectionDelivery FailedPerform Quality CheckGoods are Accepted?Issue Rejection NoticeReceiving NotifiesWarehouse to PickupYesNoNoYesDelivery FailedReceving Goods Flowchart
publish time: 2021-01-14

Here is an example of flowchart about how to purchase the products. A flowchart is the visual representation of a sequence of steps that is widely used in a manufacturing process or computer program. It's very helpful in writing programs and facilitates communication between a computer programmers and business managers. People usually use it to understand the logic of complicated problems.

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