Grid and Matrix Example
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Grid and Matrix Example

Book 1Book 2Book 3Article 1Article 2Article 3Task 1Task 2Task 3TopicTopicGrid and MatrixLowHighLowHighIn this year, Student A should read at least 3 books, 3 articles and complete 3 tasks, the tasks are divided by the difficulty.In the future, Student A will according to the priority and difficulty to finish his task. Base on this, he will try to explore new field.Main TaskFuture Plan
publish time: 2021-01-15

This is a gird and matrix example for showing the student A planned his work and his plan in the future. Matrix Grids are a special type of data grids used in the input and results pages of the Time Step Simulation tool. Grid and Matrix diagrams are effective graphic organizers for teaching and learning.

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