Team Meeting Agenda
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Team Meeting Agenda

STC Strategic Planning Work Team Meeting Agenda9:00AM-9:10AM9:10AM-9:20AM9:20AM-10:00AM10:00AM-10:30AMReview of Next StepsReview the definition and examples of Strategic Directions(10 mins)Review top 5 AACCmandates(10 mins)Conduct small group activity to draft two strategic directions for each AACC mandate(40 mins)Whole group voting on top 6 strategic directions(30 mins)Recruit subcommittee members for developing the strategic outcomesSubcommittee work will begin late January ,led by co-chairs who will be chosen from this Work Team
publish time: 2021-01-19

Here is an example of STC strategic planning work team meeting agenda. A meeting agenda is given to participants of the meeting ahead of time, and will include key talking points, acts as a time-management tool, and defines the expectations of the meeting. Discussion topics, key bits of information, and action items are among some things that should be included in an agenda.

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