Staff Council Meeting Agenda

Staff Council Meeting Agenda

Staff Council Meeting AgendaApprove agenda, approve minutes, announcementsThe leadship of DePaul University's Faculty and Staff Network will provide a brief overview of this resource groupGinna Johnston will present the updates to the employee workplace issues policyCommunication, diversity, effectiveness010204Call to OrderUniversity Faculty and Staff NetworkProposed Changes to Employee Workplace Issues policyCommittee Reports Activities03
publish time: 2021-01-19

Here is an example of the staff council meeting agenda, which illustrates how the meeting has been arranged, and each section included. A meeting agenda is given to participants of the meeting ahead of time, and will include key talking points, acts as a time-management tool, and defines the expectations of the meeting. Discussion topics, key bits of information, and action items are among some of the things that should be included in an agenda.

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