Skills Sharing Meeting Agenda

Skills Sharing Meeting Agenda

Skills Sharing MeetingAgenda010203040506OpeningCall to order(President) Invocation Opening ceremony Pledge to flag.ResportsOfficers, Standing committees, Special or ad hoc committees.BusinessUnfinished business VS. New businessProgramSpeakersEducational activities(video or demonstration), Presentation of honors and awardsCeremoniesInitiation, Installation of officers, Granting of honorary membershipsClosing ceremonyClosing ceremony and entertainment or social activity
publish time: 2021-01-19

This is an example of skills sharing meeting agenda. From this agenda, we can see clearly who will hold the presentation and which part is important for attendants. Depending on the meeting, agendas can be distributed well in advance of a meeting or shared at the start of the meeting. It establishes the goal of the meeting and ensures everyone is on the same page on what you’d like to accomplish in that timeframe.

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