Technology Industry Reformation
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Technology Industry Reformation

Covid-19Data-sharing and AI prove their value Cybersecurity vulnerabilities exposed Workforce disruptions and remote work Supply shocks Demand shocks Technology Industry ReformationDemand Shocks The COVID-19 crisis has reduced overall demand for many consumer and enterprise technology products and services. Deloitte has developed scenarios forecasting a reduction of real US GDP growth between -5 and -10 percentSupply Shocks COVID-19 is a large black swan event, but tech supply chains can be vulnerable to events of lesser magnitude as well, because chains are highly concentrated: A handful of companies, mostly concentrated in Asian cities, orchestrate manufacturing ecosystems to produce a high percentage of components.Data-sharing & AI The pandemic may make people around the world newly appreciate the benefits of sharing personal data. Apps using anonymized location data are tracking the spread of COVID-19 to prevent further infections—and showing the positive effects of social distancingCybersecurityWith so many employees working from home and using new services, some are, inevitably, exposing corporate networks—and their own data—to hackers. Phishing campaigns are reeling in unsuspecting employees; cybercriminals are spreading malwareWorkforce Many tech companies have enabled remote work for years—at least for certain functions. They are now equipping a broader range of employees with laptops and virtual desktops
publish time: 2021-02-01

During the COVID-19 period, technology industries are facing reformation. Demand and supply shocks are affecting them. The COVID-19 crisis has reduced the overall demand for many consumer and enterprise technology products and services. Tech supply chains are being vulnerable as well. And other factors like date-sharing and AI, cybersecurity vulnerabilities and workforce disruptions, and remote work are killing many industries.

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