Types of Market Research
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Types of Market Research

Market ResearchInterviewsBrand Awareness ResearchPricing ResearchBuyer Persona ResearchProduct/ Service Use ResearchFocus GroupsTypes of Market ResearchResearch your product or service and make purchase decisions entirely.InterviewsInterviews allow for face-to-face discussions (in-person and virtual) so you can allow for a natural flow or conversation and watch your interviewee's body language while doing so. Focus GroupsFocus groups provide you with a handful of carefully-selected people that you can have test out your product, watch a demo, provide feedback, and/or answer specific questions.Service Use ResearchProduct or service use research offers insight into how and why your audience uses your product or service, and specific features of that item. Persona ResearchBuyer persona research gives you a realistic look at who makes up your target audience, what their challenges are, why they want your product or service, what they need from your business and brand, and more. Pricing ResearchPricing research gives you an idea of what similar products or services in your market sell for, what your target audience expects to pay.Brand AwarenessBrand awareness research tells you about what your target audience knows about and recognizes from your brand.
publish time: 2021-02-01

Research your product or service and make purchase decisions entirely. You can do market research via interviews, focus groups, service use research, personal research, pricing research, and brand awareness research. Or you can choose one or several of them to conduct your research.

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