Proactive Customer Service
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Proactive Customer Service

BaseCreate Knowledge BaseSurveySample TextSend Out SurveysLoyaltyLoyalty ProgramSMS SMS SchedulingIntroduceIntroduce FeaturesGuide to Implementing Proactive Customer ServiceService020103Newsletter Email Newsletter040506The best way to get into the minds of your customers is simply by asking them. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is assuming that they know what their customers want and need. Knowledge bases are databases that store information about a specific company, their products or services, and other related topics. It takes a lot for customers to commit to a company, so you should pat yourself on the back for each lifetime customer you've built. Part of providing proactive customer service is completing minor time-consuming tasks for your customers so they don't have to deal with them. There are other ways you can stay in contact with your customers beyond just sending them products they may like.It's exciting when a customer makes a purchase with you. However, nothing is more disappointing when your relationship with that customer ends with that single purchase.
publish time: 2021-02-01

It's a guide to implementing proactive customer service. In the beginning, asking customers directly is the best and simplest way to get into their minds. To store information about a specific company, products, or services knowledge base is needed. The other way to stay in contact with customers is through email newsletters. At last, you can try SMS scheduling and loyalty programs.

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