How Covid-19 Affects Megatrends

How Covid-19 Affects Megatrends

Corporate responsibility04Digitization01Virtualization of the workforce02How COVID-19 Affected MegatrendsSocial distancing has already driven further adoption of contactless technologies and digital experiencesMany organizations have already adjusted to working remotely;COVID-19 has led to increased adoption of flexible workplace medelsMore consumers will likerly expect safety and precautionary measures from both brands and governmentsTaking steps to do the right thing in the COVID-19 context is becoming table stakes for consumers.The larger purpose of banks is changing.Focus on safety and surveillance03
publish time: 2021-02-03

Here is a list diagram for showing how covid-19 affects the mega-trends, from which it includes digitalization, virtualization of the workforce, safety and surveillance, and company responsibility. Megatrends are trends that influence a global scale. Some current mega-trends are identical to global threats. An examination of structural shifts in the global economy. Check more details in this diagram now!

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