Organizational Chart for Per Buckles

Organizational Chart for Per Buckles

Gerente General/ CEOOrganigramaPer BucklesLeopoldo Pizarro LeeÁrea Financiera/ ContabilidadLeticia Alarcon TorresPaola Flores VazquezKarely Melendez ChavezGerente VentasAgente de VentasGissel I. Gil ChavezDiseñoAndré Rivera VillalobosDir. Admin/ Logistica
publish time: 2021-02-04

This is an organizational chart for Per Buckles, from which you can see who is the CEO, and the following managers. Going a step further, the organizational structure works at hierarchical levels and determines the relationship between leaders and their followers. Organizational Structure helps the company to define at least 3 key elements of how you are going to run your business. Check more details in this diagram.

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