Wordpress Project Management Timeline
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Wordpress Project Management Timeline

Beelicious Project Time LineTime-Line beelicious.inPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5Phase 6Phase 7Testing(Alpha,Beta,Performance,load)Rucha, Tanvi3 DayOptimizationSecurity and PrivacyAakash2 DayWordpress Woocommerce Cart FunctionPallavi & Vaibhav15 DayBasic Structure Prototype Design on Parth Tailor 5+ DayDatabase DesignAakash Kothule4 DayEnvironment SetupAakash Kothule 1 DayBusiness DocumentAnuj Bajaj, Sheshadri Ahankari2 Day(On_Goging)Project AnalysisAnuj Bajaj10 Days(On-Gogoing )Wordpress Theme Design Pallavi & Vaibhav6 DayShipping and payment gateway implementationSheshadri Ahankari & Pallavi3 DayGO Live On Client ServerAakash,Anuj(2)Responsible1 or 2 DaysWordpress Migration for Go LivePallavi, Saurabh15 DayWordpress Plugin DevelopmentSheshadri Ahankari & Pallavi5 DayApplications Business Model( Implementation )Sheshadri Ahankari8 DayBug FixSheshadri Ahankari & Pallavi10 DayReview & 30% PaymentReview & 40 PaymentReview & 15% PaymentReview & 15% Payment
publish time: 2021-02-11

Here is a project management timeline or a task arrangement board, from which there are mainly 7 phrases in this project, and each phrase has its own task. In the first stage, analyze the project and evaluate the risks. Then, database design and WordPress theme design. After that, it is necessary to test the payment and system before going to the market. Check more details from this project management timeline.

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