Human Resources Specializations
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Human Resources Specializations

Human Resources Specializations

Artificial Intelligence HR

Artificial Intelligence for HR, which focuses on information processing, theory, statistics, and other data-driven courses

Digital HR

Digital HR, which focuses on the different ways technology can be incorporated into various human resources roles

Project Management

Project Management, which focuses on the role that the principles of project management can play in an HR role (and vice versa)

Organizational Communications

Organizational Communications, which focuses on various aspects of corporate communications, including crisis communication, negotiation, mediation, and more.


Leadership, which focuses on strategic and organizational leadership

Global Talent Management

Global Talent Management, which focuses on cultural awareness, cross-cultural facilitation, negotiation, and global literacy.

publish time: 2021-02-24

In face of the fast developing world ,the system of HR is also upgrating.Now HR specializaitons are coming.Aritifical intelligence HR and digital HR are helping people handle information processing and other stuff.

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