Division of B-End Business Operations
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Division of B-End Business Operations

Get new customers

Conversion transaction

customer service


Offline BD

Community resources


Pre-sales engineer

After-sales customer service

SEO/SEM information flow

New media operations

Product Operations

Pre-sales engineer

Telephone customer service


Big sales

User operation (big C)

After-sales customer service

Delivery operation

Key account operations


Content operation

Brand PR

Media PR

Industry Partner BD

Event PR

Public opinion

Industry Research

Government public relations

Data operation

Merchant operation

Product Cooperation

Agent operation

Product content operation

Initial period

Growth period

Expansion period

Division of B-End Business Operations

publish time: 2021-02-25

An excellent operation should have a systematic and overall view, see the stage of the operation and the core goal of the product to be achieved at this stage, and adopt an operation strategy that meets the characteristics of the current stage to cooperate with the achievement of the product goal. This template is about the division of labor of conventional B-end enterprise operations at different stages, and is for reference.

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