Game of Thrones Characters Relationship Diagram
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Game of Thrones Characters Relationship Diagram

Qinwen Lannister

Duke of Kaiyan City,

Shield of Lannisport

And the guardian of the west

Iris Targaryen

The seventeenth in the Targaryen family,

The last member to board the Iron Throne, known as the "Mad King"

Caitlin Stark

The eldest daughter of the Tuli family in Runliu City

Cersei Lannister

Robert's wife,

Queen of the Seven Kingdoms

James Lannister

Queen’s twin brother, "King Killer (Mad King)"

Tyrion Lannis

Dwarf, known as "little evil scout"

Eldest daughter

eldest son

Second son

Brother and lover

Veserys Targaryen

The son of "Mad King" Iris Targaryen, in order to regain the Iron Throne, he sold his only sister to Zhuo of Dothrak.


Daenerys Targaryen

Daughter of "Mad King" Iris Targaryen, Mother Dragon

Zogo Kao

A tribal leader of the Dothraki people of the steppe nation

Jora Mormon

Jebin: Son of Mormont, exiled knight, former leader of Bear Island

And the patriarch of the Mormon family

Husband and wife


Childhood friends


Joffrey Baratheon

The heir to the throne of "Iron Throne" is actually the illegitimate son of Seton and James

Actual father and son

Robert Baratheon

Seven kings

Named father and son

Stannis Baratheon

After Robert died, he became king with the help of the priestess Melisandre

Renly Baratheon

The legal counsel of the King Robert Xuqian meeting, Robert, died assassinated by Sandra

Second brother

Younger brother

Loras Tyrell

The eldest son of Duke Metz Tyrell

Mace Tyrell

Marry first and Renly Lanly, after his death, marry King Joffrey


Husband and wife

Ed Stark

Duke of Winterfell and Guardian of the North

Lysa Tully

Widow of former prime minister Jon Allyn, Duke of Eagle's Nest

Husband and wife


Edmin Tully

One of the first lords of the river to join Aegon the Conqueror

Sister and brother

Jon Snow

Mother's identity is a mystery, join the night watch

Robb Stark

Heir of Winterfell

Sansa Stark

Like the heir to the "Iron Throne" Joffrey-Barasi Garden

Arya Stark

Lively and active, like to dance knives and swords

Bran Stark

Pushed down the city wall by James Lannister and unable to walk

Rickon Stark

Ed Stark young son

Theon Greyjoy

Baron, the head of the Iron Islands: the youngest son of King Greyjoy, as Ed: Stark's hostage and adopted son was sent to Winterfell


illegitimate child

eldest son

Eldest daughter

Second daughter

Three sons


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This is a characters relationships diagram about the famous TV show "Game of Thrones". "Game of Thrones" is a medieval epic fantasy TV series produced by the American HBO television network. This template is the character relationship diagram of the first season of "Game of Thrones" for reference. Relationship diagram is an easy way to show the complex relationships, it is used in many field, especially for books and movies. Check more details from this diagram.

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