Learning Framwork Pyramid Diagram
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Learning Framwork Pyramid Diagram

21st Century Learning Framework

(Framework for 21st Century Learning)

Basic personal life and professional skills in the 21st century

Flexibility and Adaptability

Initiative and Self-Direction

Social and Cross-cultural skills

Productivity and Accountability Productivity and Accountability

Personal Qualities in the Information Age

Information Literacy

Media Literacy

ICT literacy

Individual core


in the 21st century

Global Awareness

Financial, Economic and Business Literacy

Entrepreneurial Literacy

Civic Literacy

Healthy Literacy

Environmental Literacy


Core competence

Creativity and Innovation

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Communication ability Communication

Collaboration ability

publish time: 2021-02-25

This is a 21st century Learning framework pyramid diagram, from which there are mainly 4 stages in learning curve, including basic personal life and professional skills in the 21st century, personal qualities in the information age, individual core competitiveness in the 21st century, and 4C core competence. Specifically about: personal basic life and professional skills, personal basic literacy in the information age, personal core competitiveness, and 4C core capabilities. The specific content is for reference.

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