Mind Map of Culture Manual

Mind Map of Culture Manual

Mind Map of Culture Manual

We only recruit adults

Only hire, reward, and tolerate fully mature adults

A great team is such a team

The most desired reward for adults is success

Everyone is eager to cooperate with high performers

Don't let rules and regulations restrict high performers

The adults here are not only mature in age, but also mature in professionalism

Every member of them knows where they are going and is willing to make any effort for it

Building a great team does not need to rely on incentives, procedures and benefits, but on recruiting adults.

Adults eager to challenge, and then communicate clearly and continuously with them what the challenge is

People who find problems don’t have much value. The company needs people who love to solve problems.

Most people need a strong sense of satisfaction in their work

What people want most from their work: Join a team of colleagues that they trust and admire, and focus on accomplishing a great task together

4. Don't let rules and regulations restrict high performers

The best thing you can do for your employees is to only hire high-performing employees to work with them

Those teams that have made great achievements only need to understand what they need to accomplish the most. They don’t need cumbersome processes or incentives.

Let everyone understand the company's business

Absolutely honest to get

Really efficient feedback

Only facts can defend opinions

Start forming now

The team you need in the future

The high-level perspective of training level employees

Maintain a strong rhythm of communication

Two-way communication, inject a culture of curiosity

The ignorance of employees is the negligence of managers

Let employees learn conflict management instead of letting them learn business operations

The situation is constantly changing and communication must continue

The irony is that the company invested a lot in various training programs, spent a lot of time and energy to motivate employees and evaluate performance, but failed to really explain to employees how the business works.

Establish a "New Employee University", there is a full day every quarter, and the heads of each department share an hour to explain major issues and developments in their respective business areas

Two-way communication is essential. Employees must be able to raise questions, criticisms, and other opinions. Ideally, employees should be able to ask questions to all managers, including the CEO.

Explain a problem like you explain something to your mother

It’s not easy to explain the business in detail in a simple and straightforward way, but the reward is huge

It’s best not to assume that employees are stupid, but to consider another situation: if employees do stupid things, they are either not informed of relevant information, or they are informed of wrong information

Millennials should be regarded as a group of people in the early stages of their careers, and what they should be taught is the principles of business operations

The best benefits and the best way to escape the drudgery is to have the opportunity to better understand the business and customers

Each batch of new employees has different problems, and the nature and challenges of the company’s business are constantly changing. You must continue to pay attention to the information to be conveyed and update it at any time.

The same words and deeds

The value of public criticism

Learn to give welcome criticism

Set an example of honesty from the top down

Provide multiple mechanisms for feedback

Confess the achievements, but also confess the problems

Leaders can confess mistakes, employees can speak freely

A culture of transparency makes mistakes nowhere to be seen

It is not cruel to tell employees the truth politely and honestly. On the contrary, it is the only way to gain their trust and understanding

Require employees to talk about issues publicly, hoping that people can communicate frankly anytime and anywhere in the company

Best to communicate in person

Giving and receiving negotiated feedback is critical to the success of the team

Not giving strict feedback will bring unnecessary pressure to managers. They have to cover up the facts and deceive employees, which will lead to employees losing opportunities to make improvements

Polish your way of expression (tone, tone of voice, body language, etc.), such as facing a mirror or your spouse or friends to practice

The most important thing to give feedback is to focus on behavior, not to characterize a person in general, such as "You are not focused enough"

To be open and honest, you must set a standard and practice from top to bottom


As a leader, you must maintain the company’s culture

In the practice of "start, stop and continue" in a team meeting, you have to tell your colleague one thing he should start doing, one thing he should stop doing, and one thing he should continue doing. This process is definitely Some people are unhappy, but believe in the value of transparency

When the executives return to their respective departments, they will tell the department members the "start, stop and continue" exercises they have just completed and what they have said respectively. The importance of frankness will gradually affect the entire company like...

Share the difficulties encountered by the company to all employees and help employees truly and deeply understand the challenges faced by the business

In any case, you can’t hide the truth from your employees, concealing the truth or half-truth will only attract their contempt

Annual feedback day: send "start, stop and continue" feedback to all employees of the company once a year

Employees should understand that they should never conceal questions or information from their superiors

You are not always right, and being satisfied can be very dangerous

One of the best ways to encourage employees to spread the problem is to let employees see that those who speak freely are safe and sound.

Being transparent also helps to ensure that people firmly believe in their positions and will not fall into mutual accusations hopelessly afterwards, at least not often in this situation

A frank person will treat everything frankly

Once the source of the comment is identified, the feedback will become more thoughtful and productive

If you want to know what employees are thinking, there is no better way than to ask them directly, and it is best to ask in person

Code of conduct for asking questions

Stick to your point of view, justify it with facts

Data does not carry opinions

Beware of data that looks good and is actually useless

Use data to test opinions

Based on facts ≠ truth, constantly review opinions

Avoid group thinking and distribute domain experts to different groups

Respect for each other’s wisdom and a genuine desire to explore the basis of each other’s views

How do you know this is true Can you help me analyze what makes you believe it is true

This questioning method helps cultivate curiosity and respect

Ask about the nature of the problem that others are solving, instead of assuming that you already understand the problem

People must refine their opinions by exploring and implementing them, and listen with an open mind to those debates that they do not agree with but are based on facts

Fact-driven, not data-driven. Excellent data is essential, but qualitative insights and clear opinions are more needed

The team’s decision-making should be based on data, not data-driven. The insights from data analysis supplement the team’s decision-making, but this is by no means decisive

Avoid using data as a shield to resist the responsibility of making a decision with subjective judgment

Data is only part of the solution to the problem. Everyone has a prejudice against the data they organize, even the same data

One of the biggest mistakes made in indicators is to focus on indicators that are not important

A reading seminar "Customer Science Meeting" is held every month to show the results of all customer tests completed by the company last month and discuss the planned tests for the month

No matter who he is, no matter his experience and level, he can fully understand the needs and ideas of customers based on his personal experience or talents.

Enthusiastically recognizing the contributions others have made to solve problems can also let people know that you advocate selflessness

The most persuasive and fact-based opinions can also be wrong, and fact-based does not mean fact

The conclusion we desperately maintain must be able to accept re-examination and discussion

When the debate is deadlocked, try to argue from the other side’s standpoint and find the loopholes in your standpoint

Avoid group thinking and distribute domain experts to different groups

Make arrangements in advance, such as demonstrating what a good debate is like, not debating to win the debate

Young employees like this kind of transparency and encouragement. They ask questions without hesitation

The relationship between employees and positions,

Not a match but a high match

Pay according to the value that employees bring

Say goodbye when you leave

Don't let recruitment become a numbers game

Don’t expect your team today to be your team tomorrow

Standing in the future in 6 months, look at your current team

You build a team, not a family

The growth of employees can only be borne by themselves

Enterprises need different employees at different stages

You don't have to stay in a company for a lifetime

If it is not the team required for continuous future-oriented planning, team leaders will inevitably fall into a zero-sum game in attracting talents

Don’t think that existing employees can grow to take on future responsibilities.

Many team members are no longer competent after the company has entered a new stage

Time constraints will cause changes in our needs for groups. It is very important to realize this

Business leaders must often ask an important question: Are we restricted because the team we have now is not the team we should have

Standing in the future after 6 months, examine your team and understand whether the team’s upcoming changes are ready

One of the most important tasks: recruiting good capacity builders, those who know how to build a good team

To ensure the speed of change required by the company, let everyone understand that the team needs to continue to "evolve"

For team leaders, training employees and discovering their growth potential are vital skills, especially when the talents of employees are not shown, even they don’t even know it.

Some people will never be able to grow into high performers in the future organization, take the initiative to let them leave

The most important thing that managers should do for their employees is to ensure that the company can produce good products and serve customers in a timely manner.

Netflix encourages employees to take responsibility for their own growth

The employees needed for the early rise of the redevelopment of products and markets are completely different from the employees needed for the development and growth of the company

Every company faces the same challenge to a certain extent—recognizing that change must happen and new people are needed to achieve it

The core elements that help the company achieve early success are very important, but it can also stimulate people’s nostalgia for change and undermine the company’s growth

Sometimes at a certain time period is very suitable for an organization and those who like to work for this organization, it is best to hop to those new organizations with similar challenges and environments

Three principles of talent management philosophy

Talent retention is not the goal of team building

Great work has nothing to do with welfare

Don't talk about salary with interviewers

Attract people with super high talent density

Not every job needs Einstein

In addition to the resume, you can see the match

Always hiring

When the human resources department becomes a business department

First, the responsibility for recruiting excellent talents and deciding whether employees should leave their current positions is mainly on managers

Second, every position must recruit a highly matched person, not just a matched person

Third, if a person’s skills no longer match the job requirements, even a very good talent must say goodbye to him

The most competitive companies are always actively attracting new talents

The best employees are always looking for new and challenging opportunities

Talent management is to build the best team for the future that is being created

The company does not exist to please employees

The happiness of employees at work should come from solving a problem in depth with excellent people, and from customers' love of the products you have worked hard to create

Salary should not be a core bargaining chip to persuade people to join the company

Do not discuss salary with candidates before accepting Netflix’s job offer

Questions We will discuss our salary philosophy, but not specific figures

Netflix allows employees to tell the company what percentage of the salary they want to be options, and then use this part of the option to replace their salary

Excellent colleagues and difficult challenges are the biggest factors attracting people to work in the company

Compared with promising a clear path to advancement, it is more important to have the opportunity to work and grow with outstanding people

Not every job needs Einstein, but every job needs the most suitable employees

The best recruitment job is to make the perfect match. The top players of one company may be the second-rate players of another company.

To see if a person matches, his way of solving problems is more important than his king’s experience

When the hiring manager is deeply involved in the recruitment work, it will prompt all recruiters to become more proactive

The recruiter’s responsibility is to coach the hiring manager

Interviews are more important than any meeting scheduled in advance by the hiring manager, including executive meetings

It’s easy to forget that when you evaluate them, the candidate is also evaluating you

The interview and recruitment process will leave a strong first impression, allowing people to understand how your company works, good or bad

The human resources department is a service department, not a servant. HR is not for hiring managers, but for Netflix's customers.

If you want recruiters to work in the best possible state, you must let the hiring manager take responsibility

Building a team is the job of the hiring manager, not the job of the recruiter

Current market demand and salary research cannot help you estimate the added value that employees will bring to you in the future

Salary has nothing to do with the performance evaluation process, only with performance

Don't let employees get the salary they deserve when they have to leave

Ensure that everyone gets the highest salary in the market

Say goodbye to secret pay system, pay transparency helps market pricing

Any potential employee may have skills that cannot be measured by research, such as good judgment and the ability to cooperate

To find the talents you really like, you must throw away the calculations and respond to actual market needs

Market demand is not enough to be a guide for companies to pay because it reflects the present, while recruitment should be about the future

The current compensation system is usually lagging, and it is lagging in helping us evaluate the value of employees

Think more about how much salary you can pay for the company's future performance and development

The close connection between the performance evaluation process and the calculation of salary increases and bonuses is one of the main factors that hinder companies from abolishing the performance evaluation process

In addition to the ridiculously time-consuming and inefficient performance appraisal system, the annual performance appraisal system does not include some of the key factors that should be considered in the salary decision. One of the factors is the value of the skills that employees develop while working in the company

In some jobs, we have created our own professionalism and scarcity. If we strictly abide by internal salary standards, we will actually harm the interests of the best contributors, because they can earn more elsewhere.

We often encourage employees to go out for interviews. This is the most reliable and efficient way to discover Netflix’s salary competitiveness.

Market salary should not be to set your salary level at a certain fixed level (percentile) of the overall market range, but should be to estimate the overall market that a person brings to you within the working hours you require value

If you are interested in recruiting the best people you can find, pay them the highest salary,

You will find that the value they bring to business growth will always greatly exceed their salary

Open information allows you to explain to employees why other people’s salaries are paid this way. If there is a good basis behind the salary difference, it can improve your performance culture. If not, then you should consider why this is the case.

One of the best ways for channel compensation to be appropriate and reasonable is to have an open dialogue on compensation and the underlying philosophy

One of the main reasons why people oppose public compensation is that compensation is often not rational. It is more based on the boss’s preference for employees or their qualifications, rather than on their contribution to results.

The implementation of this open system must be very careful, and it is necessary to fully communicate why these data are shared and the basis behind the salary

Culture is strategy,

Create your own new management algorithm

Translator's postscript

If the employee’s performance is not good enough,

Tell them in time or correct it,

Or go to a new company

Evaluate every 10 games

Use mobile apps to achieve continuous real-time feedback throughout the year

Abolish the performance improvement plan

High engagement does not mean high performance

An algorithm for employee evaluation

Take the initiative to let employees leave

The disappearance of lifetime employment

If managers conceal the facts and wait until the last minute to let people leave, or diverted employees to positions that they don’t really want to go to, the company doesn’t really need them, they cannot do their best in employee management.

With the approval of managers, it will be easier to instill beliefs in practice. The more excellent team builders you have, the more you can allow this time to spread spontaneously.

We should all be prepared to change jobs from time to time, whether in the company or to a new company, the purpose is to work in the way we love and do what makes us passionate

The performance of joining us is not good enough, and someone should tell us to either quickly correct it or go to a new company

Have frequent one-on-one meetings with your employees. This approach is more efficient and more user-friendly. When performance problems emerge, the more timely you and employees deal with them, the easier it will be for them to see where they are not doing enough OK, and make corrections

It is very valuable to evaluate the performance of employees based on the impression of teammates and other colleagues

Some companies already have many excellent alternatives such as quarterly assessment

Use mobile apps to achieve continuous real-time feedback throughout the year

Some employees are very good, but they are no longer suitable for the job when the job evolves, or they no longer have high performance in the next job you require

It makes no sense to put employees in a performance improvement plan (PIP) just because they don’t have the skills you need

An employee’s inability to do the job is not an employee’s fault, but a problem in the recruitment process. Having a frank dialogue with employees and supporting them is not just a match for the company’s needs. They are not losers.

Eventually people will understand and you will hurry up if you didn’t lie to them

The use of performance improvement plans as a means of avoiding prosecution is a kind of irony, it actually inflames hatred, so some of these are because of fear of being honest

You need to be a lifelong learner, you need to continuously acquire new skills and accumulate new experience, but you don’t have to acquire them in the same company

In fact, sometimes the company hires you to do something, and you finish it when you do it. For example, if I hire someone to repair my garage, after they finish their work, I don’t need them to repair my backyard.

Evaluation criteria (algorithm): What this person likes to do and what they are good at, is it something the company needs someone to be good at?

It is based on critical thinking and can help you exclude emotions in the decision-making process

You can help the hiring manager appreciate a person’s talents and enthusiasm, instead of focusing on what he can’t do, and help him find the next job that is more suitable for him.

The failure experience of one company may be the wealth of another company. Success is because they found the right place for them.

Culture is a strategy about how you work. Joining employees who believe that this is an important strategy will help you think deeply about it and make various attempts.

To manage employees in the way of managing products, we then Netflix step by step, step by step, keep trial and error, keep reflecting and try again

Telling about your achievements can really help us realize that we can be so different

The process of cultural change is evolutionary, just like nature’s golden flowers, some changes are not adaptable and you must try again

It is important to experiment and allow for the diversity of cultural themes step by step. Different team leaders may adapt to cultural practices in different ways

The team and the entire department can develop their own culture, or they can absorb some common basic principles

Another basis for successful cultural change is the nature of being honest about challenges and future development

Some of these practices work well at Netflix, but they may not apply to you, or at least they won’t apply right away.

When employees feel that they have more rights and more control over their own careers, they will be more confident, speak more freely, take risks, dare to correct mistakes and take responsibility

Keep reminding yourself that employees have rights, and you should give them rights from time to time in your work, but appreciate their rights and free them from the red tape

Those organizations that are successful in management

Often achieved the ultimate in the following three aspects

First, transparency The company implements absolutely transparent management

Second, since the organization believes that every employee is an "adult" and has "power", it is entirely possible to create an environment in which employees can more control their work, instead of being obeyed by their superiors in everything. instruction

Third, excellence. Netflix believes that the key to an organization's retention of talents is not good salary and benefits, but an excellent team that can do some great things together.

How to say goodbye to those who left

1. If the employee’s performance is not good enough, tell them in time to either correct it or go to a new company

2. Don't attribute employees who no longer match their jobs to losers

3. Don't give employees an unfulfilled promise, it will only make them feel betrayed

4. Actively help former employees find new good opportunities

How to determine the salary of employees

1. Don't rely on salary research, because the information of salary research is always lagging

2. Salary has nothing to do with the annual performance appraisal process, only related to the performance of employees

3. If you cannot pay the highest level of salary in the market for all positions, give priority to the positions that are most important to the company's business growth

4. Candidates with equivalent qualifications should get the same salary, regardless of their previous salary or their gender

5. Establish a salary transparency system to let everyone have a better judgment on salary

How to hire highly matched employees

1. The hiring manager is the chief recruiter,

Hiring high performers is his most important job

2. Recruiting outstanding talents is not about recruiting "first-class players", but finding the best match for job requirements

3. Ensure that there is a first-class talent in every position that is critical to the business

4. Take the initiative to let those who are already outstanding to leave in order to make room for top talents

How to use facts to defend opinions

1. Encourage public debate based on facts

2. Do not rely too much on data, but will use insights from data analysis to supplement team decisions

3. Keep in mind that facts are not true, and constantly review and discuss opinions

4. When the debate is deadlocked, try to argue from the other side's position and find the loopholes in your own position

How to be absolutely honest

1. Be consistent in words and deeds

2. Open criticism and face-to-face communication is the most effective way to solve problems

3. Employees can speak freely only when managers can confess their mistakes

4. The company must have a transparent feedback system

How to make every employee

Understand company business

1. Establish a university for new employees and maintain a strong rhythm of communication

2. Two-way communication, providing employees with the opportunity to ask questions to all managers

3. Let every employee understand how the experience he brings to customers directly affects company profits

4. If only one course is offered to all employees of the company, please select the basic knowledge of company business operations and customer service

5. The best benefit is to give employees the opportunity to better understand the business and customers

How to recruit only adults

1. Only hire, reward and tolerate fully mature adults

2. Let the employee join the team of colleagues whom he trusts and admires

3. Create as simple a workflow as possible and a strong discipline culture

4. Don't let rules and regulations restrict high performers

publish time: 2021-02-25

This mind map is a reading notes for Culture Manual. This book systematically introduces Netflix’s cultural guidelines and completely subverts the 20th century’s concept of managing people. In this book, Patty McCord summed up 8 Netflix cultural principles, revealing from multiple angles why Netflix has an impact on traditional corporate culture concepts, and how it is building its own corporate culture. What subversive views are put forward in This template is a mind map and reading notes about the "Culture Handbook". The specific content is for reference.

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