Skill Center Work Plan Gantt Chart
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Skill Center Work Plan Gantt Chart

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the first season

Second quarter

the third quater

Fourth quarter













1. Carry out BLS teacher training courses;

2. Endoscopic teacher training class;

3. The 2020 teaching secretary training;

4. Pearson Endoscopy training and assessment;

5. BLS training course for the 2019-level live training students.

1. Relying on the university alliance of college students to carry out AHA public welfare training;

2. Hold external training courses for endoscopy;

3. The remote access control management system is online;

4. 2021 pre-job training (theory + skills) for the interns of Anhui, mussels and Anhui medicine.

1. Pre-examination training and preparation for practicing physician skills examination;

2. Pre-examination training for the skills and operation of the annual final exam for the live training students.

1. Promote comprehensive simulation teaching courses;

2. Hold AHA external training courses;

3. Assist in the development of the national medical qualification examination

1. Pre-job skills training for new employees;

2. The design of the cultural wall on floors 1-6 is updated and launched.

1. Skills training for interns;

2. Carry out residential training final skill test and annual theory test.

1. Pre-job skills training for new employees;

2. Pre-job training assessment for 2021 live trainees and mid-term assessment for interns.

1. Examination for interns;

2. Selection and training of contestants for college student skill competition;

1. Purchase the teaching model in 2022;

2. Hold AHA training courses for foreigners.

3. Assist in pre-job training for college teachers.

Skill Center Work Plan Gantt Chart

publish time: 2021-02-25

This Gantt chart shows the skill center work plan for the whole year. What are the clinical skills? What is the work plan for clinical skills? This template is a Gantt chart of the Clinical Skills Center's work plan, which may be able to receive your doubts. There are 9 projects should take in this year, no matter from the working skills training or improvement, or the making the courses, know more from this gantt chart.

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