Tea Company Business Canvas
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Tea Company Business Canvas

Upstream tea and porcelain suppliers;

Academy of Fine Arts


100 million midstream and other external consultants;

Store landlord; offline internet celebrity art store;

Tea; development of tea supporting facilities (tea sets, refreshments)

Customized products;

Co-branded products;

Cultural salon knowledge sharing

Rabbit IP assets with own intellectual property rights;

Illustrator, designer team;

Provide an exquisite and companionable tea lifestyle for 26-32 women

Online customer service system (Tmall, official account, store WeChat; b station, Xiaohongshu, Weibo marketing;

Offline exhibitions, pop-up shops; cultural salon event sharing; store sales services;

Online: Tmall

Offline: Layout of stores in the core pedestrian streets of the first and second lines, stores in the core business district; exhibitions;

26-32 years old exquisite female;

Gift Company;

Companies and individuals with holiday gift needs;

Stores; warehouses, companies, exhibitions, Tmall annual fee rent; product costs, freight; consulting, external designers and other design service costs, copyright and patent costs; marketing advertising costs; store decoration costs; public relations maintenance costs generated by market expansion ; Wanliniu and other cashier, warehousing, customer maintenance system costs; salary



stand by

set up

Demand derived

Satisfy customers

client needs


stand by

stand by

stand by

Tea Company Business Canvas

Product sales profit;

membership fee;

publish time: 2021-02-25

This is a tea company business canvas, from which you can see the company's development and what this company is. The business canvas refers to a tool that can help entrepreneurs generate ideas, reduce guesswork, ensure that they find the right target users, and solve problems reasonably. This template is about the current commercial canvas (four-eye well) of Brandu, the specific content is for reference.

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