Training Class Advertising Poster

Training Class Advertising Poster

Limited time offer

Long press to scan the code to immediately attend the class. The top 300 also have gifts

QR code

Commercial Illustration Tutorial

Teach you how to quickly advance from Xiaobai to a master in the workplace

Famous teacher interactive live broadcast

Sixiang Exchange Group

Work guide

Targeting the crowd: operation designer, UI designer, web designer

Hand-painted & vector technique special training, plump your illustration wings

Dismantling actual combat project cases and developing business thinking

Covers Internet multi-scenario applications, ready to learn and use


publish time: 2021-02-25

This is a simple style poster promotion template for commercial illustration training classes. It can be used for learning and understanding, and can also be used as a related reference; or it can be directly replaced by text. In recent times, mastering a work skills seems highly important, so there are many training classes in the market. Check this poster example to give you some inspirations.

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