Warehouse Management Process
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Warehouse Management Process

Warehouse management

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Warehouse Management Process

Arrange a storage space for the goods to be stored, check whether the single goods are consistent and register accurately. Pay attention to the handling and stacking standards of goods.

Regularly inspect goods and equipment, maintain the cleanliness and safety of warehouses, and all operations must be standardized and standardized.

The goods in the warehouse are statistically summarized regularly to ensure the accurate quantity.

The quantity of goods out of the warehouse must be accurate and the procedures must be complete. When loading and unloading goods, they must be standardized, when stacking, they must be standardized, and the goods shall be issued in the order of the delivery order.

Documents of incoming and outgoing goods should be kept on file.


publish time: 2021-02-25

This diagram helps to know warehouse management process. Warehouse is the general term for buildings and places where goods are kept and stored. The following figure introduces the warehouse management process diagram, which includes warehousing management, in-warehouse management, out-of-warehouse management, document filing, etc. The plate area is distinct, novel and convenient, hurry up to collect the following picture and use it!

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