Juice Company Supply Chain Diagram

Juice Company Supply Chain Diagram

Juice Company Supply Chain

Outbound Logistics

Inbound Logistics

Internal Logistics



Juice Butting Plan

Focal Firm

National Distribution Center

Regional Distribution Center

Shop Supermarket Vending

Bottle manufacturing Plant

Plastic Manufacturer

Paper Manufacturer

Oil Drilling

Label Printer Maker

Tree Plantations

publish time: 2021-02-26
Lisa Anderson

This is an example of juice company supply chain, from which you can check the whole process of production of juice, and the distributions. From this diagram, there are mainly 3 logistics have been involved, such as outbound logistics, inbound logistics, and the internal logistics. In the first logistics, it is more important for producing the goods. Then, the inbound logistics, it focuses on distribution. Check more details from this supply chain diagram, or learn more from the template gallery.

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